Twenty156 is a special point on the map in Maui, Hawaii. It is a calm, beautiful place in the world that is an idealistic representation of the peace of mind we personally seek and always strive to deliver to each of our valued clients.

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Twenty156 is also the home base for services that allow women to live into their potential through live events with our full-service event management team, accountability coaching programs and retreats.

After more than twenty years of corporate event planning, our team understands the unique pressures and challenges of meeting stakeholder needs while actively working to deliver a valuable experience. There were so  many times that we needed a trusted partner to provide objective input and outside resources to enhance a project or decision. Twenty156 was born from this need.

High-touch service and a constant sense of aloha are the trademarks of the Twenty156 brand. Our team handles every detail with great care so that you don’t have to. We want you to feel the same way about your work and your life as we feel about being in this idyllic corner of the world . . . care free and cared for.

Experience is Everything

A summer internship with Disney began my journey in hospitality and sparked my lifelong passion for creating memorable experiences for others. My very first meeting planning client in 1994 was a funeral association in Florida who wanted to serve homemade peanut butter sandwiches at their annual conference to lower their member registration costs! This sense of responsibility to guests has always stuck with me and since then I have had the absolute pleasure of planning and managing incentives and conferences all over the world.

Launching Twenty156 was the opportunity to address the needs that I saw as a corporate event manager when time and resources were limited but a perfect outcome was still expected. Our team of professional planners and event managers has robust experience in each of their specialized fields; including sourcing, registration, travel and production, but also shares my values of pursuing personal development and living well. Live events will always be the foundation of Twenty156, but as the world changes so do we. 2020 has provided me the remarkable blessing of working with industry colleagues as an accountability coach and to focus on my passion as a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. 

The privilege of making life better for others will never be limited to a ballroom stage or luxury resort in my mind. Living well is a daily choice and every day I will choose to use my experience and gifts however I can.

Kim Montoya