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Twenty156 is a special spot on the map in Maui, Hawaii. It is a calm, beautiful place that is an idealistic representation of the peace of mind we personally seek and always strive to deliver to our valued clients.

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Twenty156 is also the home base for services that allow women to live into their potential through live events with our full-service event management team, accountability coaching programs and retreats.

After more than twenty five years of corporate event planning, our team understands the unique pressures and challenges of meeting stakeholder needs while actively working to deliver a valuable experience. There were so  many times that we needed a trusted partner to provide objective input and outside resources to enhance a project or decision. Twenty156 was born from this need.

High-touch service and a constant sense of aloha are the trademarks of the Twenty156 brand. Our team handles every detail with great care so that you don’t have to. We want you to feel the same way about your work and your life as we feel about being in this idyllic corner of the world . . . care free and cared for.

Experience is Everything

Kim Montoya
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